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Jigsaw provides software services for high-tech applications

Cutting-edge technology requires innovative sofware. We work with your domain experts to develop elegant, robust solutions that work in the lab and in the field.

Algorithmic Expertise

The history of computing offers a rich set of tools, ranging from classical optimization- and signal processing techniques, to novel ideas like machine learning and the blockchain. Are you curious which approach suits your particular problem? So are we! Rely on our broad expertise to find you the shortest path to the working solution.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the art of avoiding unnecessary complexity. No matter how intricate your problems may be, our aim is to design elegant, minimalistic solutions that meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

Domain Knowledge

At the forefront of technology, many areas of expertise come together to facilitate progress. For our expertise to be useful, it is essential that we understand yours. Our extensive knowledge of mathematics and physics allows us to work and learn in close collaboration with your domain experts to achieve your goals.


Biosparq Cirrus D20

Biosparq BV is developing a technology that will one day revolutionize medicine: a machine capable of identifying individual bacteria in minute samples of bodily fluids, in real-time. The first field-test ready systems containing our software are currently being deployed to laboratories.

QuTech Quantum Internet

Researchers and engineers at QuTech are trying to establish quantum entanglement of qubits over large distances. After some breakthrough local successes, QuTech is scaling up the experiments to true long-distance links. Jigsaw B.V. is developing the software framework for coordinating the experiments.

Tropomi SWIR Calibration

The Tropomi instrument aboard ESA’s Sentinel 5P mission provides real-time monitoring of Earth’s atmospheric composition at an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy. Jigsaw has worked with scientists at SRON to implement the calibration of the SWIR detector channel, allowing the transformation of noisy, raw detector data into highly accurate output.



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